Key Questions to Ask Before Booking a Marquee Wedding

Are you planning to have a marquee wedding? This is a notable choice of reception theme for many modern weddings and usually, for the right reasons. It creates an intimate and grand appeal to the wedding reception, further making the occasion special. But before signing a contract with a high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth, you need to speak with them. You also need to ask yourself a few questions that will provide you some needed information when screening your option. In addition, a party hire company can help you plan out your wedding marquee based on this information.

How many guests do you have?

It is important to know the exact or approximate number of guests during your wedding day. Make sure to consider extra guests, too. However, planning the crowd size at the reception venue is also important for a wedding marquee. This will help you and your equipment supplier to plan out beforehand on how you can use the available space. In addition, it will help you determine the right size of marquee to use at the venue.

How do you plan to position the marquee?

Aside from working closely with a high tea style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth, you need to coordinate with the owner of the venue. Is the ground level? How high can you position the marquee? Put these factors into consideration in the planning process.

How much time can you rent the tent for?

You need to discuss with a party hire about the length of time for the marquee rental. You have to consider not just the actual wedding reception, but also think about the process of putting the tent up and disassembling it after the wedding. How many days do you need to setup and restore the venue? Make sure both parties are clear about this piece of information in the contract.

Where do you get power and lighting supply?

In a wedding reception, lighting and sound are both essential. Talk to the venue provider and the marquee hire about how power will be supplied to the tent. There should also be health and safety regulations implemented in the process. You want to ensure that you and your guests are safe at the venue.

Who will create the marquee layout?

A lot of engaged couples like to be hands-on when it comes to planning the seating layout at the reception. For a marquee wedding, the table and seating layout takes on an even bigger importance. Make sure you look into the shape of the tent and the available space. You need to layout the seats in accordance to the placement of other furniture, as well as the buffet table at the reception.

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Tips In Criminal Court Cases

Every day, there is news of crimes happening around the world. Sometimes, these crimes can be alarming and unbelievable. When these crimes happen, two people are pitched against each other; the defendant and prosecutor. These two groups are supported by criminal lawyers. It is these lawyers such as the Perth criminal lawyers  – ( ARDOR CONTENT ) who are trained to decide the fate of who is guilty or innocent. These lawyers would be the ones to fight for the accused.

Perth Criminal Lawyers

Perth Criminal Lawyers

Steps In Criminal Court Cases

Before thinking of selecting criminal lawyers, there are steps to consider. It is these steps that would determine how the case would run its course.

  1. There is need of obtaining evidence of the crime. For a lawyer to have leverage at the law court, it is expected that evidence is obtained in a proper way.


  1. That someone is arrested by the police for a crime does not make the person guilty. The reason is because a lot of scenarios would play their part during the court case. The evidence is very important.


  1. The presence of witnesses is very important. They are the ones that would tell their part in what must have happened. Their testimonies are very vital to any case. Take for instance, traffic lawyers may not perform better without the testimonies of witnesses at the site of crime.


  1. The judge completes every court case. The judges are the ones who would either set one free or punish the offender. They work with lawyers in ensuring that justice is served.


Perth criminal lawyers are trained to ensure that every criminal case is handled without prejudice. It is the works of lawyers to force any law court to make that decision that would close a criminal case. This is what is done with the use of evidence. If there is no evidence, traffic lawyers can help their clients walk away smiling.  This is why the steps in criminal court cases are important to be known by suspects.

It is important to respect the advice of Perth criminal lawyers. They file the right paperwork and are careful to make some statements. They advise clients to tell the truth because that is the only way that they can serve these clients.

If a criminal lawyer advises a client to lie, then that lawyer has questionable traits to answer. This is the reason why before you hire a lawyer, you should make research. It is this research that would tell you everything that you need to know about the lawyer.  You can even get a good criminal lawyer when you ask friends and family members about how to go about it.

You can make use of this website in hiring your lawyer. The good thing about these lawyers is that they can be hired over a mobile phone. You can stay away from trouble when you contact them immediately you find yourself in a criminal case. These lawyers are experienced and certified to handle any type of criminal case. You can make your hiring today.