Crucial Steps in a Divorce Process

The median length of US marriages today is said to be 11 years with 90% of divorces being settled out of court. Regardless of such information, no one is ever ready for a divorce. In fact, the steps that many people take in the event of a divorce are usually dependent on the particular situation that the parties getting divorced are in. For example, divorce cases involving a couple that has been married for a short time period with no children and minimal property acquired in the marriage will be less involved than a divorce situation where it was a long term marriage with minor children and vast wealth acquired during the marriage period. Also, in the cases where the parties have both agreed to the process then it will be much easier to settle. When the couple can agree between themselves in most things, the process will be hastened as well. A family lawyer Nashville TN has can also help speed things up.

Some of the basic steps in a divorce, however, will include the following

File a Petition

This is the first step before anything else. A petition with the court has to be filed stating the grounds for the divorce.  This is regardless of whether both parties have mutually agreed to go their separate ways. One will have to do the filing. Usually, the grounds of the divorce are accepted depending on the jurisdiction with many accepting no fault grounds such as irreconcilable differences with some few states accepting fault grounds such as infidelity. Your family lawyer Nashville TN has today will help you determine whether there are any fault grounds in your state.

File Temporary Orders

In the event that one spouse is dependent on another for financial support or will be granted child custody by the Nashville TN custody lawyers, then the spouse will need to ask the court for support and custody. Usually, the temporary order will be granted within a few days and will remain effective until a full court hearing. If the party that is filing for the divorce petition is the same one filing for a temporary order, then they need to file them both at the same time.


Even after both parties have agreed to a divorce, there are bound to be disagreements on some issues. The court may schedule settlement conferences that are meant to bring the parties to an agreement. If there is a disagreement of child custody, for example, the court may recommend custody lawyers to determine who is best suited to have the physical custody. Other issues to negotiate often involve property division and spousal support that parties can bring their divorce lawyer Mount Juliet TN has to help negotiate.

If you are going through a divorce process, talking to a family lawyer Nashville TN has for clients will be in your best interest if you want your divorce to be settled out of court. Child custody lawyers Mount Juliet TN offers will be beneficial in helping you arrive at an agreement on the children. Visit us online at