Fine Dining at the Savelberg Thailand

This gourmet French restaurant is absolutely the best thing for anyone visiting Bangkok and looking for fine dining options. Here, you will get a rare dining quality with plenty of luxury in the details of the restaurant and service. Every element at the Savelberg fine dining French food Bangkok has today come together to offer you a true culinary masterpiece in the true French fashion.


savelberg fine dining french food bangkok


The chef himself, Henk Savelberg is a world renowned chef of great caliber and now he has brought his culinary gifts to Bangkok. The restaurant is situated in the Oriental Residence Bangkok and is part of Henk’s chain of restaurants in Europe which serve French and Dutch cuisines.  The restaurant is even situated next to the Dutch embassy and brings you very close to the Netherlands.  This is unmistakable in the splashes of oranje that you will see in the restaurant. Orange is the national color of the Netherlands. The restaurant also has a number of Dutch staff working both in the kitchen and on the floors.


But in spite of its rich Dutch heritage, the culinary treats here are unmistakably French. You can choose from multiple course menus which start from THB 3,000. There are wine pairings that you can choose from and there is also an excellent collection of Riedel glassware in which the wine is served that add to the rich and luxurious experience at the restaurant.


When it comes to the actual menu, Savelberg fine dining French food in Bangkok serves a great array of textures thus assuring guests of varied, layered and very exciting dishes. Savelberg offers a great array of very opulent delicacies but it is not all about the luxurious French cuisines and delicacies.  There are great flavor combinations which bring out the best in every food. For example, the Savelberg lobster is served with the delicate salads, a vinaigrette of truffles, some young lettuce and quinoa. A mouthful of the dishes and Savelberg fine dining French food Bangkok experience is guaranteed to leave you craving for more!


The Savelberg desserts are typically very well-rounded and include spices, chocolate as well as the plate-forward fruits. If you are looking for a little Dutch treat too, you can try out the spiced and buttery Speculaas. There are many other wonderful picks from the Savelberg menu. These include the strained yoghurts which are served with vanilla, the caramel spices as well as the crushed ice that is flavored with red fruits.


At the end of the scrumptious menus served by Savelberg, you can be treated to a tray of mignardises which is a sort of homage to the Dutch roots of this wonderful French restaurant. Savelberg also serves sweets on an edible map of the Netherlands and you may choose to take with these with a little more of the speculaas. This very much sums up the Savelberg. The finest of French cuisines served in the most Dutch establishment.


For the residents of Bangkok and visitors alike, the wonders of fine dining are now within doorstep. The service here is world-class and you can be assured to a truly impeccable and international fine dining experience which can compete with some of the best out there!