Geothermal – most viable heating and cooling option

Do you want to produce 5 kilowatts of energy using 1 kilowatts of electricity? Then you may look for geothermal system of heating. It is not a myth but a reality and according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA, this is one of the most eco-friendly, cost effective and energy efficient systems. Geothermal energy can be effectively harnessed to address heating and cooling requirements of homes and other buildings. Interestingly, by adopting geothermal heating cooling procedures, cooling efficiency can be enhanced by about 20 to 40%. Similarly, geothermal energy is also helpful in enhancing the heating efficiency by about 50% to 70%!


Highly efficient:


The production of geothermal energy is conducted by operating the geothermal heat pump. The heat pump operates using the electricity.  Once the pump starts operating, it moves the heat from the earth which is almost equal to four to five times the electricity used by the geothermal heat pump.  Further, the earth beneath your feet always maintains a constant temperature of 55 degrees, no matter what the temperature above the ground is. This consistency in temperature actually helps in enhancing the efficiency of geothermal heat pump installed by the HVAC service. All these in turn help in achieving extreme efficiency in the geothermal heating cooling system.



Functioning of the pump:


 Further, the role of a geothermal heat pump is only to move heat from the earth and per se, it will not produce any electricity. In order to move the heat from the earth, the heat pump uses the electricity. On the other hand, the geothermal heat pump pushes the mild temperature from the earth. This mild temperature actually enhances the efficiency of the geothermal heating cooling procedure. The modern geothermal pumps are so designed that the same pump can be used for both heating and cooling purposes.




The geothermal heat and cooling technology has a wide range of applications. Apart from using it for domestic heating and cooling requirements, this system is also used for varieties of industrial applications including desalination and also for agricultural uses.


Durable pumps:


The geothermal heat pump and the pipes that are buried in the ground are highly durable. In fact, some of the heating cooling system contractors Nashville wide offer 50 years warranty on the pipes so buried. In addition to these, the geothermal heat pump would not make too much noise and therefore it will not cause any kind of sound pollution.




The geothermal heat pumps do not have any exposed parts and therefore they will not cause any harm to kids or your pets. In addition to these, the manufacturers ensure the materials used in the making of the geothermal pumps are strictly in accordance with the norms of the respective governments.


Installation procedures:


The geothermal heat pumps involve some installation procedures.  Duct work, electrical connections, water hookup are some of the installation procedures that are required to be carried out. Also, every air conditioning repair company Nashville has today undertakes to install geothermal heat pumps.




Geothermal heating and cooling is a viable and eco-friendly option. This heating procedure is durable and it is cost effective as well. You may browse through the websites of popular HVAC installation services such as the Such reputed services will guide you appropriately in the matter.  

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