How to Choose the Ideal Patio Shape

Designing a patio provides you with endless possibilities. Since most patios are open and exposed to the elements, it is not constricted by walls or ceilings. You are free to choose any shape or layout you desire according to the purpose of building a patio. When you hire contractors like Perth Better Homes to build your patio, you need to keep an open mind in choosing the shape and layout.

When deciding on the ideal shape for your patio, you need to think about three essential factors: 1) the size of the property, 2) purpose of building the patio, and 3) style of your home and garden. With this information, you can contact builders that specialize in outdoor patios Perth has today to get started with the project.

Round Patio

This is a popular shape requested by homeowners from patio builders Perth has to offer. It is especially popular with modern home designs because the style will fit into that theme. If you do have a round patio, though, it is important to designate a focal point within the area. This could either be a fire pit or fireplace, or a fountain. The choice of the focal feature will depend on what you intend to use the patio for. If you want it to be an extended part of your home, you can also set up a dining table at the center of the patio.

When choosing a round patio from patio builders like Perth Better Homes, you do not have to opt for a full circular shape. You can also opt for a half-circle design. The choice is up to you according to your aesthetic preferences.

Square Patio

Most of the patio styles requested from patio builders Perth WA has today are either square or rectangular in shape. What this shape lacks in creativity, it makes up for practicality and cost-effectiveness. Square patios are characterized by having straight edges and 90-degree angles. This shape of a patio is the best option for contemporary style gardens or those who would like a formal outdoor space.

The square patio is the best choice for homeowners who like to entertain their guests in an outdoor space. If you have a large patio, you can prevent it from looking bland or boring by changing the paving material used on the different sections of the patio. This will enable you to distinguish the grilling area from the dining area, and so on. The best options of paving material for this shape of a patio are bricks or pavers since they are easy to align with this shape.

Free-Form Patio

As the name implies, this particular shape takes no specific form. It is characterized by the use of sweeping curves or unique angles or shape changes. This particular shape of the patio is preferred by homeowners who want the patio to be continuous with the garden. The shape has that organic feel to it allowing the patio and the garden to blend in as one.

Careful planning is of the essence if you want to achieve your dream patio. But with the tips above and with the right contractors like Perth Better Homes, you can guarantee that you will realize that dream.

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