The Must-Haves for a Good Nursing Home in Brisbane

Time comes when your mom and dad can no longer take care of themselves. They are living their sunset days and they need lots of care and love. Besides that, they are too weak to carry out household chores including cooking and washing. They need people to help them out with these tasks. Aging also comes with deteriorating health. Your mom or dad needs people to look after their health. A nursing home is the ideal place to take them. As the population ages, there is an increasing number of nursing homes Brisbane has today.




No one can take care of your elderly parent the way you can. It would be unreasonable to expect perfect services from your nursing home. Even so, a good nursing home will endeavor to provide the basic requirements so as to ensure the safety and comfort of its residents. Here are some of the things to expect from the best and high quality nursing homes Brisbane and other parts of Australia have.


The environment and building


The building and the environment around the nursing home is the first thing you notice. How is the place? A good nursing home will have a clean, neat and attractive environment inside and outside.  They will have a spacious common area or hall, a place where visitors can sit with residents and is devoid of unpleasant odors.




Ensure that the nursing home you choose provides all the services that your elderly parent would want and need. If you don’t prefer having the senior admitted in the facility, you need to ask if they have in homecare Brisbane area caregivers. If your mom or dad suffers a memory problem, find out if the facility provides dementia care. In addition, a quality nursing home will provide other services such as podiatry services, vision care, dental care and beauty services.

Resident rooms


Take a walk in the resident rooms and take note of certain things. Are the rooms well lit, clean and cheerful? Do they have windows? Find out if there are call bells at an appropriate place near the bed. Check if there is enough storage space in the room. A good nursing home should have all these facilities inside the rooms.

Appearance of the residents


As you walk around the facility you will come across residents inside their rooms or in the common area. Take a look at their appearance. In a quality nursing home residents will be well groomed, appropriately dressed and clean. They will also be engaged in activities and not staying alone.

Dining and meal service


This is an area of interest for quality nursing homes Melbourne as well as Brisbane has. In such homes you’ll take note of tables that are attractively set. The food they serve is not only a balanced diet, but also smells and looks appetizing. They also assist residents who need help with eating.




Your elderly parent needs to be active in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. In a quality nursing home, residents will be engaged in diverse, interesting and specialized activities. For instance, they will have special activities for people with dementia.


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